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STAFDA represents the best companies and leaders in the construction/industrial supply chain. Why go it alone? Join the 2,000+ members who make STAFDA their #1 source for business networking, education, and strength to advance the industry.

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legal, ethical, and friendly business relations, and to maintain and enhance competition within the industry.


a better understanding of the economic value of the functions performed by distributors of power tools, construction fasteners, and related accessories among customers and suppliers.

Conduct research

for the benefit of the membership as a whole, and to develop ways and means of increasing the value of distribution to the free enterprise system.


and promote programs to educate the members on the importance of the wholesale distribution channel leading to an efficient and competitive economy.


members of legislation, regulations, and lobbying efforts affecting their business.


the accomplishment of any objectives or purposes herein set forth or which shall be recognized as proper and lawful objectives of this Association, all of which shall be consistent with public interest and in the interest of the specialty distribution industry.