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Student Events

Sunday, November 5                                                                                                                                      

7:00 — 8:30 a.m.

Student Supply Chain Competition

STAFDA invites select college students attending the Convention to join STAFDA’s Student Supply Chain Competition. Using an innovative web-based business simulation game, the challenge engages student teams as they compete to turn around a fictional struggling manufacturer by creating different solutions for purchasing, operations, sales, supply chain management, and finance challenges.

STAFDA manufacturer attendees are encouraged to participate and interact with the students as well as present information about their companies to these bright up-and-comers. The winning team and prizes will be announced during the General Session on Monday, November 6.


Sunday, November 5                                                             

Noon — 1:30 p.m.

NextGen Luncheon & Panel

Have you heard about Gen Z? Now is the time to get to know these up-and-comers who are under 35 and beginning their careers in the construction and industrial markets with fresh ideas, a different take on how to do business, and lots of questions. 

STAFDA’s NextGen Luncheon is where attendees between college and their mid-30s can network over a meal, collaborate on ideas and experiences, and take part in an inter-generational panel discussion of what’s going on in the STAFDA arena. The panel (made up of experienced distributors, manufacturers, and rep agents) provide insights into what it’s like working within independent small and large businesses, navigating a changing and hybrid work environment, and other current issues. The Q&A session often creates lively and enlightening discussions.


Please sign up for the luncheon on STAFDA’s Convention registration form (see pages 26-27). There is no additional charge to attend. 


Sunday, November 5

1:45 — 3:30 p.m.

Student Hiring Event


This hiring session is open to STAFDA distributors, manufacturers, and rep agents.


Members contact the STAFDA office regularly for advice on finding fresh ideas, brilliant insights, and enthusiastic employees. Bringing those exact prospects to STAFDA’s Student Hiring Event provides an exclusive interviewing session for members to talk one-on-one with potential interns and employees. These aren’t run-of-the-mill candidates. These students are upper classmen with industrial distribution, supply chain, or related majors from leading universities.


Prior to the Convention, student resumes are posted in the members-only section of To review them, click on the Convention tab and follow the link to “Student Hiring Event.” Follow the instructions on scheduling times to meet with select students.


During previous STAFDA Speed Interviewing events, all students interviewed were offered positions within member companies! 



Student Resumes

The following students will be available for the Speed Interviewing Session, Sunday, November 5, in San Antonio. Please complete the Speed Interviewing Form and return it to Kiara ( to set up your interviewing schedule.

East Carolina University

Rodney Bonilla - Senior, Operations & Supply Chain Management Major
Reece Harvey - Senior, Supply Chain Management Major

Alexandra Jackson - Senior, Marketing; Supply Chain Management
Madison Nay -  Senior, Business Administration with Supply Chain Management Focus Major

Marquette University

Joseph Antonucci - Senior, Operations Supply Chain Management & Information Services Major

Alexandrea Hammes - Junior, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics double Major
Takayla Holmes - Grad Student, Supply Chain MBA
Owen Krappman - Senior, Operations Supply Chain Management and Finance Major
Andrew Mazariegos - Senior, Supply Chain & Information Systems double Major

Zurisadai Santos Mora - Junior, Operations & Supply Chain Management Major
Mariam Reichert - Senior, Operations & Supply Chain Management Major

Sofia Villarreal - Senior, Information Systems and Operations & Supply Chain Management Majro

Texas A & M

Jackson Lord - Senior, Industrial Distribution Engineering Major

Sidney Thompson - Senior, Industrial Distribution Major

University of Nebraska - Kearney

Benjamin Crocker - Senior, Industrial Distribution Major
Steven Garcia - Senior - Industrial Distribution Major
Jaxon Worley - Senior - Industrial Distribution Major

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Majid Al Harthy - Junior, Supply Chain Management Major
Aaron Ebrahim - Senior, Accounting Major; Supply Chain Minor
Aidan Linder
- Senior, Supply Chain Management Major

Phuong Hanh Nguyen - Senior, Supply Chain Management Major
Majid Al Harthy - Junior, Supply Chain Management Major

University of Tennessee Knoxville
Elijahwon Bellomy - Grad Student, Global Supply Chain Management Major