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As we transition to a post-COVID-19 world, all necessary precautions are being taken for STAFDA’s Orlando Convention & Trade Show. The STAFDA office is closely working with the Orange County Convention Center, Visit Orlando, Freeman (our show contractor), and host hotels – the Hyatt Regency Orlando, Rosen Center and Hilton Orlando – to provide attendees with the cleanest and safest environment for our business meeting. These vendors already have stringent cleaning policies in place and STAFDA’s guidelines will be on top of their standards.

Orlando is working with Orange County officials to create the safest meeting environment possible. Orlando makes it easy to imagine the possibilities and create unforgettable events for meetings of all sizes. With low-cost accessibility, extraordinary meeting spaces and one-of-a-kind attendee experiences, Orlando is a destination like no other. Watch this quick video to see what the city and Convention Center have planned.

Here’s what to expect at the STAFDA Registration Desk:

  • A mandatory mask policy is in effect for all attendees.

  • Social distrancing guidelines for all workshops, the Trade Show, and all events.

  • No-touch, self-check-in for badges: Attendees will scan their bar code from their badge confirmation sheet or smartphone. Their badge will print automatically with NO action on the computer required. The printer will face the attendee where they will remove their badge and pick up their own lanyard.

  • All onsite registrations will be handled with STAFDA’s staff members, again no-touch.

  • Each onsite registration station will be staffed by the same person each day. Disinfectant wipes and spray will be utilized multiple times a day and each evening/morning before registration opens.

  • ALL registration counters will utilize Plexiglass shields to create a barrier between the registrant and registration staffers.

  • The onsite program — including attendee lists, booth information, and the agenda — will all be within the STAFDA app. There will be no printed hard copy.

In addition:

  • Inline booths will be assigned every other space for social distancing

  • Meeting rooms are being reconfigured to allow for more distance between attendees

  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the building and in the Trade Show

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) will have hand sanitizers throughout the building and public spaces will be disinfected several times a day, including rest rooms. Touch-free doors and entryways will also be the norm. Freeman will provide floor graphics to denote social distancing and other signage to assist STAFDA with attendee safety and flow. The host hotels will offer remote registration and are reviewing policies about accessing elevators, guest rooms, concierge lounges, as well as their public space (restaurants and bars).

This is still a fluid learning curve for STAFDA and its key vendors. As the year progresses, STAFDA will keep members updated on additional safety measures for the Orange County Convention & Trade Show.  

Special Note: In the event Orlando City officials, the state of Florida, or the U.S. government issues a lockdown due to a resurgence of COVID-19 or any other national crisis forcing STAFDA to cancel its October 24-26 Convention & Trade Show in Orlando, 100% of Convention fees will be refunded to the member.