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ShowMo Promo

STAFDA’s Trade Show is a buying show!

Exhibitors are encouraged to use a variety of tactics to let members know what STAFDA-only special, new products, and prize drawings they’ll be making available in San Antonio. That’s what ShowMo Promo is all about!

Video: Exhibitors may upload brief video promos to showcase their products to members. The video(s) will be highlighted on the Interactive floor plan on STAFDA’s website and Convention app. They may also log in at any time and change the video(s) if they’d like to demo another product or unveil a new special — even on site!

Logos: Exhibitors may upload a jpg of their company logo to accompany their listings on the Interactive floor plan under the Convention tab of STAFDA’s website and the Convention app.  

Show Specials, Prize Drawings, New Products: Let attendees know what’s new and exciting in your booth. Tell them about the cost savings! Let them demo new tools! Lure them in with cool prizes! Indicate what you’re offering and provide a brief description here. It will show up on the expanded Exhibitor Listing on STAFDA’s website, stickers will be placed at your booth’s entrance, and it will be noted next to your company listing in the onsite program.

Upload ShowMo Promo information from the online registration link. Exhibitors do not need to include the information when they register — they may log in and enter the information and videos at a later time.

For those exhibitors who already have distribution networks in place outside of the U.S., please indicate “International Sales” on the ShowMo Promo page. STAFDA will provide brightly colored stickers on the floor near the entrance to your exhibit.