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Online Training Tools

WayPoint Analytics has partnered with STAFDA to offer their top 45 online video training tools for member use.  Unlike TED clips or time-consuming online training tools, these are short videos averaging 5-15 minutes in length which hone-in on key supply chain education:  profit margin, strategies, leadership, cost-to-serve modeling and a host of other business-focused topics.  They also have blogs.  The video clips are led by industry experts such as Bruce Merrifield, Brent Grover, Dirk Beveridge, Randy MacLean and others.

Five Topics by Five Experts to help run a better distribution business: Each session promotes best practices and offers free, actionable insights. Highlights include Randy MacLean, President of Waypoint Analytics, speaking with Steve Epner, President of The Startup Within, on how most metrics distributors follow have an "offsetting metric;" a discussion with Shelley Row about handling change effectively; and Money-Making vs. Money-Losing Sales.

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