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How Will it work?

Monday, November 9, 12:30 p.m. to Tuesday, November 10, 12:30 p.m. Central

As the STAFDA office finalizes the logistics for Virtual Anaheim and the 24 Hours of STAFDA, we’ve compiled answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about how our online Convention & Trade Show will work.

Wondering how it will all work? Please watch this short video which will run through the nuts and bolts of the Virtual Anaheim program. If you'd like a PDF of the presentation, you can find it here.

How will I get into the Virtual Anaheim Convention & Trade Show? Attendees will be use their individual email addresses and registration password to enter the Virtual Anaheim events. Details will be included in the confirmation emails they receive after registering.

How will booths/rooms be assigned? Associate members can register for as many booths as they’d like and include their logos, ShowMo Promo videos, and other special offers with members. STAFDA and our partner Expo Tracker will allot their spaces which will be listed on the Interactive Floor Plan and Networking Center. We’ll be using Cisco’s Webex as our platform.

How will appointments be made? Distributor members may schedule appointments to visit booths during the 24 Hours of STAFDA by visiting the Networking Center and by visiting the Interactive Floor Plan and viewing an exhibitor’s space. In both locations, they can schedule meetings and select a time (in 15 minute increments). Exhibitors may also send invitations to registered distributor members. There will also be a “Visit Booth” button allowing members to drop into booth spaces during the Trade Show — just as they would during a face-to-face event.

When can I begin making appointments? Attendees may begin scheduling booth meetings in the middle of October. We’ll provide an exact date as we get closer. STAFDA will provide a list of exhibitors beginning September 28 and will update it weekly.

Do we have to have someone in our booth for the whole 24 Hours? No! We’ve created the full 24 hour agenda to accommodate all the time zones where STAFDA members live. If you don’t have any meetings scheduled, exhibitors can choose to run a slide show or demo video during their quiet time or post when they’ll be returning.

How can we ask questions to workshop speakers? Questions for Education Workshop speakers, including Alan Beaulieu, may either be sent to the STAFDA office in advance ( or there will be contact information for each speaker at the end of their presentations.

I’d like to listen to all the workshop speakers. Will we be able to listen to them after the Virtual Anaheim Convention? Yes! The Educational Workshops will be available on demand for 30 days following Virtual Anaheim. Registered attendees will be able to access them using their individual badge log in information.