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Founded in 1976 by 18 industry leaders who sought to create an organization where manufacturers and distributors of construction/industrial products could interface.


The 18 industry leaders that founded STAFDA contracted with industry veteran Morrie Halvorsen to serve as the first executive director. Upon his retirement in December 1999, Georgia Foley assumed C.E.O. responsibilities on January 1st, 2000.

Phenomenal Growth

In the past 47 years, STAFDA has grown from the initial 18 founding members to 2,200+ member companies comprised of distributors, associate/manufacturers, publishing affiliates, and manufacturer rep/agents.

Dues and Benefits

Annual membership dues have remained constant at $350 since 1977 while services and programs have continued to expand. STAFDA members enjoy a "buffet" of over 70 different benefits where they can pick and choose what suits their business.

Annual Convention & Trade Show

STAFDA holds an Annual Convention & Trade Show each fall for members to convene and take part in educational programs, seminars, and an exciting trade show that is always well attended by leading manufacturing, distribution, and rep agencies within the industry.

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